wtf? are u kidding me!!

hold up. why do we go thru this all the time
im tired of the bullshit, wtf do you want
why havent we dead it long ago
then again i continue to put myself thru it.
i dont know what kind of pull you have on me,
but i cant let myself free.
then you blame it on me, the fckin nerve of you
im sick and tired of being sick and tired
this shit is gettin played out. we've been going
thru it for a while now, and we've been going down
hill from day one. i will never understand you.
wat do i see in you? you're not the typical person
im into. i despise liars, but yet i let u get away wit
things. you've disrespected me and i just brush
it off. i have seen the white flags but i continue
to ignore them. you never took my feelings
into consideration. i leave but manage to come
right back because i cant get u off my mind. i
tried everything. ur like a drug and im addicted.
i gotta check into rehab because i need to check myself
i know im worth so much more.
this is it. im done. final straw. im super tight.
im washing my hands of you. this one sided relationship
doesnt work for me. like you, i need to
put myself first. so this is my goodbye. i know that
it wouldnt phase you but im not doing it for you. this
is for me. im so through. no more tears to cry. icebox.
i guess imma be that scorned black woman. cant help it
that ONE ruined it for everyone. well i guess
you were here to teach me a lesson and believe me
lesson learned. heartless is wat i would
call it. im so cold. i could live on the north pole. frio` its taking
too much of my energy.
signing out daddi*

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