hustler's ambition

b^kitty and i found a new hustle.
anything that makes me money
im wit it. we got together and had brunch
at famous Daves. we haven't
been there in so long. it was dead as usual. their
food is delicioso at thee
end of the day. i had to have the famous bread pudding.
oooooo to die for.
we ran around some more. omg when we get
together, its non stop laughing.
have you ever had a guy who talks so much that
you wonder if he will ever shut
the fck up. well B and i have. omg fckin chatterboxes.
mine had the nerve to try
and call me after like two weeks. then told me he was
locked up. little did he know i aint
give a rats ass. ur a chatterbox...go talk to yourself.
then we ripped this dude that tried to
lmfao. ugh i cant fck wit her. im
just watchin the heats game. i cant wait til they come
to jersey. im so ready to go to
that game. imma be the only chic from jersey rootin for
the heats . oh well thats my team for
now and they gonna take it all the way this year.
its a Reynolds. omg they going in on this game.
RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIp. i have to study for my test,
but im procrastinating. ugh. no 8am class
tomorrow. thank God. plus jazz show is tomorrow night.
i cant fckin wait. this wknd is gonna
be fun-filled. im gettin tatted; and living the social life
wit my fabulous ladies.
catch me at a venue near you.
dont be a stranger MUAHzz signing out daddi*

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