i run w/ the best.

last night was another night that goes down in the books for us. we had such a good time. ms j.philippe had a show at the green room. first we pregamed at the crib (as usual) then we was on our way. might i add, my ladies thru it on really nicely. CLASS. by the time we get there, everyone was feelin nice. the place was amazing. the atmosphere was up to par. It was a mixed, mature crowd. The open mic started; when i tell u there is some much hidden talent in this world. These three guys that performed before jazz did their thing. It was ironic because one of the rappers had gave me a bogey right before i got in however i just thought he was a reggy. but when he performed, not only was i gassed but suprised. he put on a really great show as well as the others. it was like watchin eminem in 8 mile but a conscious version. thats how hard they went. then my homie went on. you already know she shut it down. not to even gas her because she is my best friend, but there is true talent. i dont have to speak because the crowd did. she moves the crowd in every show she has. thats when u know she is a force not to be reckoned with. im so proud of her hard work and commitment. she deserves to make it to the top. like she said, "who's doing it better, im hot, no sweater." So while we were in there i continued to drink. i bought all my ladies drinks and indulged myself. i had way too many screwdrivers & this blue drink. i was so bodied. the dj was spinning some really good songs. i couldnt help but dance the entire night. there were a few eye candy in the build. it was a blast. by the grace of god i got everyone home. we ate some white castle then took it down. i woke up at 6:50am to move my car, lord knows i was still drunk. i went right back to bed once i did that. i didnt get up until noon. my phone was blowin the fck up. im not a morning person at all. i texted my homies to see how they felt. everyone was good but b^kitty. she was hurtin. i drank ginger ale then ate some taco bell. i stopped at the mall then went to work. i kept it low key tonight. just me & the tube. but tomorrow is another day. i got plans. i need that for somethin.
"Me and my team
step on the scene
doing our thing
fashion so mean
its not the attention we seek
but it follows our walk & our speech
some may envy because we at a different speed
They cant keep up, so we maintain the lead
This here is exactly what u need
U know you wanna roll wit my team & me"
Owwwww signing out-daddi*

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