what an effin day

i woke up this morning well rested. i was a bit upset because today was usher's concert at the hammerstein ballroom and i had no one to go with. i was so hurt. in honor of the show i wore my usher memorabilia shirt. so i had work at 2:30pm. i hop on 280 and i hear a familiar noise. i caught a fckin flat. i was so POed!! luckily there was a truck driver already on the side to assist me w/ changing the tire cause lord knows i cant change one lol unfortunately my spare had a hole in it. so i drove to the nearest exit to get the tire fixed. finally i was on my way. i was so fckin late. i got to work at 3:30! work was alright. there are some good lookin dudes that come to my job. imma throw some kitty litter on them. there was a point i dazed off to think about all the lames i dealt with. So the job phone rings, and it happened to be one of them calling. i hadnt spoke to him in about two wks cause he is a bull shitter. it was weird how the call came through just as i thought of him. hmmmmmmmmmmmm....whatever i aint off him. also the dude i was diggin told me his boy is feelin me. this little love triangle lol im not interested in him uugggggggggggghhhhhhh whatever sidebar i been missing hella episode of the hills oh shit Lo has the same necklace as i do!! great sense of style!! oh well that was the day i gotta take it down cause i got class in the morning UGH GO OUT AND VOTE I KNOW I WILL!! BARACK THE VOTE btchs`!! lets see wat tomorrow brings. signing out----daddi*

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hello Kitty tM said...

I didnt even know about that concert true story dam homie did you tear over ush ush, (wink jk)

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