november 15

i cant wait to get my first tattoo. my girls and i are gonna get the symbol
that represents the meaning of true friendship to us. im super nervous
however i know i will get through it. im contemplating on more than one
that day. i gotta eat my tough cookies before i go. just counting down the days.
i just know that i love my bests and they love me. its a serious commitment
and the fact that we are committing on doing is truly heart felt. we know our
friendship is not a phase. I know God placed them in my life for eternity.
my friends are some of the most amazing people that ive ever met.
new, old, & in between. ive had a few people who through the years have
walked into my heart, we've shared some of the best memories to date,
left their footprints, and as easy as they walked in, they've waltzed right out.
oh well LIFE GOES ON!!----signing out daddi.

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