i have been slackin in my mackin, slippin in my pimpin lmao. i haven't blogged in a few days. i honestly dont have time. i been uber busy with everything on the face of this earth. sooooo....my president is black. it feels so good to be a part of history. i had a some saddening news come to me on Tuesday. my cousin has cancer, so that really bummed me out. i cry until this day when i think of it. however when i went to visit her she said, "my God will get me through this." so i believe in that. this situation made me open my eyes. there are times i feel untouchable, however when i see and hear things like this it just brings me back to reality. but im tryin to stay positive.

NEW TOPIC----so kitty and i went to delaware on wednesday.....though we stayed over night it was still a great experience. delaware is so empty. my cousin has her own place out there. her place is located by delaware state university. there is a mall and casino close by also. plus i found a sonic. i would consider living out there. a two bedroom 1 1/2 bath kitchen living & dining area kitchen and balcony in a beautiful complex w/ a pool and fitness center only $715 SIGN ME UP lol i had a good time. i plan on going back soon. we got back on thursday by 7am so i missed my morning classes. i was super tired. kitty and i went and got our eyebrows threaded. omg lord knows i needed to get mine done. honestly it has been a yr since i last did them. idk why i fell off but when i got them done i was in awwww. they are fabulous. then we watched movies and did each others hair...soo effin hawt. friday i was super tired. i had to work from 3-10 but when i got out kitty and i linked up wit a few male friends...lol i got home at six a.m i dont understand how??? time flies. so i woke up on saturday at 2p.m. lol CRAZY im off on saturdays so my favorite thing to do is shop. i got thee hottest jacket.....omg super effin fierce. and i got this dress for my cousins wedding in two wks. the dress is BAD i mean betsey johnson bad!! and it was on SALE!!! i cant wait. i finally got some sneakers. my mystiques go dumb hard. and i got a hook up on the price too...i really had a good day. idk how my closet is gonna harbor all my new stuff in the words of kitty,"your closet vomits on me every time i open it." lmao we got a couple of drinks then went out to eat and took it down early. i have work at one and kitty has orientation for her new job CONGRATS BOO!! these past few days have been a roller coaster. hopefully there will be brighter days to come.----signing out daddi*

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hello Kitty tM said...

you took the words right out my mouth, we made hella moves and i too thought about living out there on some fab kitty shit. or move to any where in the world , the sky's the limit. Cuz im always dressed for fun! regardless oh yeah get int the habbit of me become a fab kitty luv yah

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