halloween wknd

this wknd was uber fun! my kitties & i got fresh for the first time on halloween. i was a dark angel. i believe that was my alter ego lol. my kitty be was a white angel. jazz was a seductive nurse. we pregamed hard at my crib. then we scooped be and went to CM. it was poppin. the crowd was to the main entrance. we wasted no time. hit the bar, & danced our asz off. i fckin broke my camera (blk friday UPGRADE) being the life of the party is always fun. after we styled wit the chadpiff crew. as usual they werent talkin about nothin. jazz went home so be and i went to the colosseum. it was 5am went we got there. it was the funniest night ever. we got home at 6:30 am and passed out.

saturday-brianas party was so beautiful. all the girls were there. dj was bumpin and the liqs was flowin. i had mad drinks. it was a good time. We stopped by this tattoo party which had mad ppl. it was a mingle session. then we chilled some more and made our way home. i just hit the bed then passed the fck out. signing out---daddi

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