HaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaPPPY BIIRTHDAY BRI BRI 10302007

today another fun and progressive day. i woke up super late. i couldve slept the entire day away. but i knew i had stuff to do. i finally got out the house by 4:30 [procrastination] i get to kitty's house to help her with moving out. we chill; watch tv, order food then we had to make a trip to get our costumes. we were on a mission to get them. as im walkin thru the mall i see demys. then i see eve. so automatically i knew my baby was there. i leaped to her. she tried to play me cause she hadnt seen me in so long but once i took her asz out the stroller we were like bffs again lol she is a stunna just like her moms. i was so happy to see her, she brings so much joy to my life. plus i was too excited to make her walk. she acted all she cause there was mad ppl in the mall. but i was persistent. i video tapped her just so i could remember this day forever. I cant wait to get out of work today. im going to her house to have cake w/ my princess and give her one of two presents. shes that special. i just cant wait ugh so off they went and so did we. we got thee most important things to our costumes. everything that i needed I GOT so thats a str8 plus. all i gotta say is kim kardashian watch out btch lmao then we went to our spot and played wii. yo that is my next investment. that shit is so fckin fun. we drank a lil something; kept it light saving my energy for this wknd. its gonna be EXPLOSIVE i cant fckin wait. my costume i will be sayin pick up ur jaw all night lol right now im watchin kimora my btch but i gotta take it down soon got class in the morning UGH shoot me---------HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY BRIANA!! i love you princess---signing out daddi*

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