the loooooongest day of mii life

omgosh....so i pick up kitty after a few hours of procrastination. (my middle name) when i tell you that we shopped til we dropped.. my guess cable sweater CRACK....ugh i have never been so disgusted w/ myself lol but i had so much fun with kitty. i purchased a half of my bri bri's bday present. Eve called me and told me she took a few more steps. IM SO EXCITED!! my princess can walk. i cant wait til her bday party on Saturday!! i have thee FLYEST dresses to choose from. options are a must!!! i cant wait to dance w/ her and give her thee most groupie love lmao imma be so bodied. UGH i even requested off on Sunday just cause its gonna be that bad. YA DIG!! Kitty and i soooooo didnt get our costumes for halloween. we got a whole new wardrobe but no costume. there is always tomorrow. so there is this someone who is spittin crack in my ear......he play too much! we going out tomorrow. oooo his whip...NO WORDS! i wouldnt call myself a gold digger more of a "gold-stumbler" and guess what....i got jungle fever lmao oh well HE GOT IT. he could get the TUNNA (onli jenn & eve knows) but im not gonna get gassed cause once again NIGGAS AINT SHIT!! so we get to our tuesday spot ready to do some karaoke!! the LAS VEGAS girls were in the building!! we had so many drinks.......shots, margaritas, & coronas. we performed about 5 songs. we MURDERED killin me softly. we did the cupid shuffle;my ultimate fav (videos coming soon) i had so much fun today. i truly attempt to enjoy my youth because once i get that diploma its a wrap. the term fun will have a new definition. i got home to drown in my "new-new" things. i really have a problem. everyone knows it....I NEED HELP lol NOT i could do this forever.
i got home and saw a few things that kinda bother me but im not gonna throw kitty litter on anyone......at least for tonight. lmfao i aint worried about this lame shit anyway. why waste my breath. i have to much fckin fish to fry. there is money to be made out here. i dont have time for the fake things. when am i gonna step into reality? ugh its still frezzing like the artic pole out here. im tired of the muthafckin cold. i hate livin out here. i cant wait to go to cali in march. we gonna throw hella kitty litter on them. i miss my cousin cindy. she out there handling her thug thizzle (insider MYRT) best believe if i cant get enough of the golden state i will chuck up the duece to jersey NO HESITATION. im ready to leave this hell hole. for now this wknd is a doobie.ooooooooooooooooo i just went on facebook and see that my aunt gigi is having a babyy yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ITS A GIRL another demosthenes to rule this world i cant wait to meet my new cousin this really made my night. i got another reason to leave jersey lmao congrats aunt gigi----i decided to start doing something new. writing in my language. EPI DATS ET

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