wtf!!! i hate this weather

WAAAAAAAAAATTT i got a blog page! thats crazy! ME? lol well im just expressing my thoughts, if you dont like it, oh well youre not obliged to read it. so keep it moving. to those that are interested the love is greatly appreciated. so lets begin------I watched the fckin news this morning and it was so wrong!! why was it super dark outside at 7:30a.m.? anyways i had a midterm in my first class (sidebar-the test went pretty well.) As soon as I walk out the class, I see its pouring rain outside. Lord knows i hate the rain, but on top of that it was freezing cold . I HATE THE COLD. I was super upset being that i popped the tag to my new KEAN hoodie today. My shit got soaking wet!! my school had puddles for days. i was soooo P.Oed. My next class was so asz. i pretty much texted my way thru LMAO i finally got home. Watched an episode of girlfriends. im so fckin addicted to that show. i hopped on the space real quick; spoke to a couple of peeps!! then i watched E news and the death of jennifer hudson's family memebers really hit home. honestly, make sure the ones u love know how you feel.-----i have so many ideas and i need to start putting them into action. My first thought right now is to go shopping lol kitty and i have a date today so i wont pass that opportunity up......quote of the day:strivers achieve what dreamers believe. signing out----daddi

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