long time no speak

wooow its a new month and i been slackin on my blogging game. i been so busy with school that i dont have time to gossip lol. but lifes been the same. no sleep, school work, work work, shopping, and playtime. im tryin to keep my head above water. so far im accomplishing that. im happy to be breathing and to have the people around me. its snowing tonight. i decided to stay in. school is over by next week so im lookin forward to my vacation. im tryin to get another job to occupy my time and stack my bread for my trips to cali and miami. bKitty got me a tamagotchi. throwback gadget. but i love it like a fat kid love cake. my bookie is named rocky. i dont know where the name came from but i in some type of love. ive had some great shoppin deals for the past couple of weeks. got two pairs of isaac mizrahi shoes. oh so fabulous. i changed the hair style. curly daddi for now. jazz had two shows which were awesome. i came down wit a case of jungle fever. not everything thats glitters is gold. there have been some rough days but im gettin thru them. im hoping this year ends smoothly. my granny went back to haiti. im so lonely. the rock in my life took a temporary leave. i love that lady so much. shes my everything. omg this girl that i met at an open mic can sing her asz off. her song is on my myspace. its so fckin deep. there were some really great acts going up. i really enjoy watching up and coming artists express themselves thru their talent. oooo i got a new camera. im super ecstatic about that. i so upgraded. and its red.FIERCE. im just taking life a day at a time. im learning more and more about myself.

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