sou moun

If you don't know what that means,
guess what "u are not Haitian."
find a translator to see if it applies to
you. in the words of b*kitty "USA" are
commonly an example of this.
For example: If i introduce one person to another
i can feel that one person yearning to have
the same relationship i have with the other.
its pretty pathetic
its written all of your face
it just cracks me up how contagious this
disease has become & there is no cure
but who can blame them.
my people are thee shit.
Another problema is this whole
trend to represent Haiti
quite frankly i don't like it.
my nationality is not something fooled around with.
if you date someone Haitian;
that's good for you
but please don't let it get to your head
i guess people don't believe in individuality
So "USA" if you felt some type of way reading
this then idk what to tell you.
signing out--daddi*

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